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You should be ashamed of yourself, Chaos Hunter! | "The Last Day" - Animation made by Jaiz!

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Добавлено by Admin В Dragon hunter прохождение
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#SonicExe #NightmareUniverse #TheLastDay
This animation is related about Diana's and Exeana's death by Chaos Hunter. Jaiz and Askail tried defeating him but they failed on that. However, what Chaos Hunter wants is to defeat Exetior with a mysterious way? Maybe? I don't know what he is planning to be honest... and he also doesn't want ANYONE to tell Exetior about him because IF Exetior finds out about that then most likely, Chaos Hunter is screwed. Anyway, that's all from me and make sure to subscribe on Jaiz's and Diana's channels if you haven't already!
This animation has been posted on Diana's channel as well:

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