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The Legend Ladder Curse is REAL! | Dragon Hunter Hearthstone

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Is Channel One cursed?! We assault the ladder with the best Dragon Hunter Hearthstone Deck of 2020. However can our draws be trusted?!? You MUST like and subscribe to lift the curse!

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Forget Face Hunter! Forget Quest Hunter! Is this the Best Deck in the Hearthstone 2020 Descent of Dragons meta right now? Channel One brings you the best standard decks and best meta decks in the current Hearthstone 202 meta! Will we climb the Legend Ladder? Time for some quality Ranked Play with our semi Budget Dragon Hunter Standard Deck! Rotnest and Felwing are powerful new card from Galakrond's Awakening that helps it to blow out other meta decks, especially with all the Control HS Standard Deck right now, plus all the other best Hearthstone Decks 2020 has to offer. We show some raw Hearthstone Gameplay vs some Descent of dragons best decks, overall Hearthstone Top Deck and we conclude that this is easily one of the most fun Hearthstone Decks right now. Can we become Hearthstone Legend with this Dragon Hunter? HS Legend is always the target - no luck with Face Hunter or Quest Hunter but Galakrond Awakening opened up a whole new Dragon Hunter world for the Hearthstone meta and creates some wacky Hearthstone highlights. In conclusion, strong Aggro Hunter deck, no need for Control HS any more! Make your own Descent of Dragons Highlights with this Dragon Hunter Standard Deck! So let's get this Hearthstone Gameplay rolling and smash out some of the Best Standard Decks to prove that Face Hunter and Quest Hunter are not the best Hunter Hearthstone decks! Let's get this Ranked Play rolling and ride the Best Hearthstone Deck to Legend! As always, from Channel One, Happy Gaming!

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