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Tempest is not EASY! Gameplay by PakHypno (2400pts) - Dragon Nest M SEA

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The Tempest focuses more of being a DPS or Support class ingame ( depends on your choice ). As a DPS, Tempest can deal short to mid burst of damage to a target w/o compromising the need to escape if needed ( with the help of evade and variety of skills that can be connected to Kick Shot ex ). Unlike her counterpart w/c is the Windwalker, her skills have a shorter animation. As a support, aside from providing her party members with increase movement and lowered cooldown ( with Spirit Boost ) she can also silence bosses during raids with her Hurricane Dance that can also render you invulnerability. Compared to Windwalkers Rising Storm, Hurricane Dance can also nullify or ignore invulnerability ( regardless if the target is using block for cleric classes for example or is in an Avatar State, the skill will still deal damage ). Tempest is by far regarded as the best 1v1 PVP character in game.

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