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  • 00:25 Популярные Dragon Hunter Reel

    Dragon Hunter Reel

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    This is content created by Matt Hoffman and is shown here as a part of the work Post Fifth Pictures can offer you or your production company. See PostFifthPictures.com to learn more.

  • 26:53 Популярные Dust


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    A Sci-Fi, fantasy inspired by anime and classic horror, Dust is set in a harsh and unpredictable natural environment where people have isolated themselves in an ancient city behind a massive wall. A socially marginalized tracker teams up with a black-mark

  • 10:50 Or Else I Shall Be Lost

    Or Else I Shall Be Lost

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    A boy hunts the dragon that burned his town and comes to learn that revenge may not be the answer. Ashfield Film Festival [WINNER Technical Achievement Award] #TOFF - The Online Film Festival Orchard Lea Film Festival 2015 Greenfield Short Film Showcase T

  • 02:56 Популярные Benoit Rimet -  Demo reel  summer 2016  -  Creature FX / Rigger

    Benoit Rimet - Demo reel summer 2016 - Creature FX / Rigger

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    Reel Breakdown Timing: 00m06s - 00m14s Movie: Last witch hunter Company: Rodeo FX Role: Rigger and Senior Creature FX and TD Description: This shot is one of the most challenging and exciting shot I have ever done. I was first in charge of the facial rig