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  • 07:11 Dragon Hunters - Ep #1

    Dragon Hunters - Ep #1

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    Long ago, in a land filled with magic and mystical creatures, 3 friends go forth on a quest to hunt dragons. What will they do if they find one? Only Larderus knows....

  • 07:28 Dragon Hunters - Episode I

    Dragon Hunters - Episode I

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    Led by King Regolith, our heroes Amalgamith, D'artanian, and Achilles/Hercules embark on a grand adventure in this debut skit from The Bodie Show. Gus Fernandez - Achilles/Hercules Mitchell Hardage - Regolith Jay Howell - D'artanian Mike Morgan - Amalgami

  • 29:08 The Last Dragon Hunter

    The Last Dragon Hunter

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    'When a young saxon boy runs away following his father's death in battle, he embarks on an exciting journey filled with tales of warriors, gods and monsters.' Filmed in May 2013, this short was made for the Staffordshire Hoard exhibition at the Potteries

  • 00:56 Hunters Guild

    Hunters Guild

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    A team of monster hunters sit in a tavern when suddenly a commotion is heard outside the establishment. A dragon has attacked the town, causing a scared villager to tumble in to warn everyone of the danger. The monster hunters then prepare to fight the dr