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  • 04:53 Популярные Cinematic Montage VII

    Cinematic Montage VII

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    A montage using clips from a huge variety of movies. Movies from many decades ago, recent movies and even forthcoming movies. Music used: Sea of Atlas (x1.25) by R Armando Morabito I created the titles in Adobe After Effects. Enjoy. A list of some of the

  • 04:45 Популярные Cinematic Montage II

    Cinematic Montage II

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    The second cinematic montage created by me. Over 300 movies used. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it. Movies used are: 21 300 2012 12 Years a Slave 3:10 to Yuma 300 Rise of an Empire A Christmas Carol A Few Good Men A Good Day to Di

  • 05:38 Популярные Movie Montage

    Movie Montage

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    A movie montage created n Sony Vegas Pro using clips from over 300 movies. Music: Creation of Earth and SkyWorld by Steps From Hell I created the titles in Adobe After Effects. Enjoy. A list of some of the movies used is below (not the complete list). 300

  • 05:38 Популярные Cinematic Montage III

    Cinematic Montage III

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    The third Cinematic Montage which I've created using clips from over 400 movies from around the world, though mostly Hollywood. Enjoy. Some of the movies used are listed below. 3:10 to Yuma 21 42 300 2012 12 Angry Men 12 Years a Slave 3 Idiots 3:10 to Yum