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Strange things - Prisonkage game walkthrough #1

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Prisonkage game created by Vosmug , where we play for a girl who for not understandable reasons got into a strange place. Now we need to find a way out of it.

➤Information :
Game : Prisonkage DEMO v0.2
Platform : Windows
Creator : VOSMUG
Language : ENG

★[©: Please email me regarding any copyright infringement if present,If you're against current gameplay or thumbnail - send me an e-mail and i will delete it within 24 hours.
➤ Email: voltrexgamingbox@gmail.com

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Hi , my name is VOLTREX and i play in games.Here you will find free games and games for low pc .I try to play in no commentary format..So you can see one of firsts my review,gameplay, walkthrough , enjoy=)
Thanks for all your support , see you next time)

#Prisonkage #horror_game #VOLTREX

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