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STILL TOO GOOD?? | Tempo Demon Hunter | Hearthstone Deck

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After SO MANY NERFS is tempo Demon Hunter actually still good? We take it our for a spin with Spectrum on the mouse this time! Surely things will go smoothly this Like and Subscribe for more!

Discord Channel One:


Tempo Demon Hunter Deck Code: AAECAea5AwSKB8y6A8O8A9rGAw35rgOLugO9uwPXuwPEvAPgvAO6xgPHxgPZxgPXyAP3yAP5yAP+yAMA

After three nerfs from Blizzard can we still exploit the full power of a Demon Hunter Deck Hearthstone. Highlander Demon Hunter showed some early promise, and is fun, as did the straight powerhouse of Aggro Demon Hunter, but the one to beat is definitely Tempo Demon Hunter. Hearthstone 2020 will be shaped around this class! Ashes of Outland brought us Demon Hunter, and we bring the pain to Hearthstone! .

Hearthstone Demon Hunter, the new class from Ashes of Outlands, is primed and ready to take over the Hearthstone 2020 meta. The New Expansion is shaking things up and we're sure that this will be the Demon Hunter Hearthstone meta! In our Demon Hunter Gameplay with the latest Hearthstone Ashes of Outland expansion we get to grips with how this Highlander Demon Hunter list plays out. Early indications have the Hearthstone Demon Hunter Gameplay as some of the most explosive of this Hearthstone Expansion.

One thing you can rely on in these times is Channel One! Let us know below a new type of Demon Hunter Deck for us to play. I'm really keen to try the OTK Demon Hunter I've seen pop up here and there! We're open to any Hearthstone Deck and right now we've got the dust to play with as well! I just hope our choices of Ashes of Outland decks and Hearthstone Gameplay is up to

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