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Spyro 2 Remastered - Ep13: Magma Cone & Shady Oasis

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Добавлено от Admin В Dragon hunter прохождение
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Welcome back to another episode of Spyro 2 Remastered

In this episode Spyro takes off threw the portal to Magma Cone but the inhabitants are also over run by earth shapers who are trying to spoil their party by setting off the volcano, Spyro is tasked with closing the volcano and helping the small tribe fight back agianst the earth shapers. When Spyro returns to Autumn Plains castle Money Bags offers Spyro another deal to a distant small castle just separate from the original when money bags releases the bridge Spyro then travels threw an hidden portal of Shady Oasis where a small hippo request Spyro to escort to the magic cherries bush but once again Spyro must return to Shady Oasis once he learns to head bash in order to help the other little hippos.

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