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REAL DINO HUNTER | THE BEGIN (Jurassic Adventure Game Android) | Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1

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- Download on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.apex.dinohunter.adventuregame.jusassic3d&hl=en

Real Dino Hunter: Jurassic Adventure Game is a shooting journey to the Jurassic jungle world and hunts the wild T REX and different dinosaurs to survive in the dangerous jungle. This real shooting and hunting adventure will move you back to the prehistoric Jurassic hunter. Load your weapons and Hunt T REX (Tyrannosaurus) in Jurassic jungle world. Now, you can enjoy wild dinosaurs hunting adventure in dangerous forest. There are many dinosaur games but this is one of the best Dino shooting games. Thus, select dangerous weapons of your choice to shoot and finish wild dinosaurs.

In this shooting and wild hunting adventure game you can enjoy a dangerous Jurassic jungle world with real ultra HD graphics nearly closed to the nature. Dino hunting is a shootout adventure for shooters who like T REX Dinosaur games. Its real and stunning jungle environment makes you feel real Jurassic hunter and shooter. Find furious T REX (Tyrannosaurus) and aim to shoot down. Rainy weather of Jurassic jungle world takes your interest more and you’ll dive in it for a long time. Dino Hunting Game is fully compendium of real nature and climatic superiority of Jurassic hunter to enjoy dinosaur shooting with best 3D realistic graphics.

Real Dino Hunter - Jurassic Adventure Game Features:
 12 Different dinosaur shooting game levels
 Rainy weather conditions
 Timed based missions
 Realistic graphics create real jungle hunting scenes.
 2 different jungle environments
 Unlock Different weapons

Different dangerous wild dinosaurs will come to attack you and finish you. So, finish these wild T REX dinosaurs as soon as possible and stay alive and conquer dangerous Jurassic jungle world. Dino games need perfect shooting skills for animal hunting. Actually, this adventure is just not a wild hunting adventure but a shooting skills test too. Because, this is a time limited game in each and every level you have given a time limit to complete your task. Here, be kept in your mind that just finishes T REX gigantic Jurassic beasts not other jungle animals. You can see different jungle animals around you but not to hit them.

Real Dino Hunter - Jurassic Adventure Game makes you dinosaurs shooting master. In every level a new wild dinosaur come as a new challenge but T REX Kinds of dinosaurs is more powerful, more dangerous and more difficult to hunt. Let the T REX dead before it will make you its monster bite. Four types of real guns help you in this shooting adventure to hunt the wild dinosaurs.

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