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Or Else I Shall Be Lost

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A boy hunts the dragon that burned his town and comes to learn that revenge may not be the answer.

Ashfield Film Festival [WINNER Technical Achievement Award]
#TOFF - The Online Film Festival
Orchard Lea Film Festival 2015
Greenfield Short Film Showcase

The story is set in a distant future and the boy starts off wanting revenge for the dragon attacking his town but having spent all this time alone in the woods with nothing but the dragon for company he starts seeing it as a companion of sorts and its wanton acts of destruction are not so very different from what humans do to the natural world...the dragon uses its fire and he's using the sword [the part where he says "but maybe we are not so different"]. The dragon draws him away from the trappings of civilization and brings him out into the natural world. In the beginning he's in the house and at the end he peeks into the structure that's been consumed by nature and decides not to go in. He drops the sword after the dragon breathes fire and even though he's become closer to nature at the end his journey isn't over. He starts making a new sword and starting this cycle of hunting the dragon again.

This film drew inspiration from a variety of sources. The wanderings and disappearance of Everett Ruess, the films of Andrei Tarkovsky, the poetry of William Blake, various illustrations, and others. Ultimately it's a story about finding our way back to nature and how to break the cycle of revenge. The dragon is both a guiding/positive force and an agent of aimless destruction. [all video material is ©Ben Tobin 2014]

Emmett Ruth as Aiden The Dragon Hunter
Milena Dabova as Angra Mainyu The Dragon

Written, Edited, Directed, and Photographed by
Ben Tobin

Sound Design and Mixing by
Enoch Jensen

Visual Effects by

Dragon by
Adam Sacco

Additional Effects by
Enoch Jensen

Original Score by
Nicky Royston

Color by
Peter Swartz
ColorSpace Finishing

Titles by
Kaori Mitsushima

Photographed on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF
Lenses used were Helios, Sigma, and Tokina

Poster Art by
Zach Meyer

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