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NICE SHOT | Spyro Reignited Year Of The Dragon PART 11 (Platinum) No Commentary Gameplay Walkthrough

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"Spyro Reignited: Year Of The Dragon" gameplay walkthrough will include all cutscenes within the game.

Trophies in this part:
09:30 - A Sarcopha-Kinda Guy
27:40 - Hunt for Hunter
53:35 - Nice Shootin' Tex

Bonus Rules:
- Get the platinum trophy (this means 117% the game + a few extra trophies)

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Info on the game:
"Spyro Reignited" is a platformer developed by Toys for Bob and published by Activision.
This playthrough will be for "Year Of The Dragon".

The game is a complete copy of the original PS1 (2000) which was built from scratch. Meaning they had no code, no textures, no audio, etc. of the original game. But due to a handy program they dubbed: "Spyroscope" they were able to determin exactly how high and far he could jump, how long the platforms used to be, how fast he could run, basicly all they needed.

We play as Spyro, a young/small dragon who has defeated both Gnasty Gnork (see: "Spyro The Dragon") and Ripto (see: "Ripto's Rage"). After ending Ripto's attempted takeover of Avalar, Spyro went home to relax in the dragon kingdom.While everyone was asleep (Hunter was also there for some reason), a group of rhynocs snuck into their kingdom from the other side of the world by order of the Evil Sorceress. Led by this sorceress' apprentice, they started taking as many dragon eggs as they could. As they are leaving, the apprentice steps on Hunter's tail, allerting all the dragons. Seeing as Spyro and Hunter (and of course Sparx) are the only ones who can fit through the hole to the other side of the world, they set off on their last adventure.

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