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MV3D Turns your RPG Maker MV Games into 3D! || Feature Overview of my Favorite Plugin EVER

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With RPG Maker MV you can make your very own game without any programming knowledge whatsoever.
But because of its inherent extensibility, the engine allows you to create and share plugins made with javascript in order to obtain all kinds of features that don't come with the engine by default.

NOW, MV3D has come into the 3D space with Dread's MV3D plugin! This amazing plugin renders your map scenes in 3D! Let's take a detailed look at all of the features available in !

EDIT: IS NOW AVAILABLE! Stealthily released before I even had a chance to even publish this video!! So expect yet ANOTHER video detailing the awesome new features -- THERE IS NOW 3D MODEL IMPORTS!!! KJDHSG

Support Dread's MV3D plugin, you can visit her for the perpetual license!

...or become a Patron!

Say hello in Dread's MV3D (and other things) Discord Server!

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