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Monster Hunter World Vs Dauntless, Should You Try The Other?

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Although there is no comparison between free to play and buy to play, the two games; Monster Hunter World and Dauntless are quite similar. Both the Monster Hunting games have considerable fan-base and both are doing good in their respective areas. Monster Hunter World however, is become the best selling game of Capcom with more than 13 million copies sold.

In this Monster Hunter World Vs Dauntless video, we are going to discuss strengths and weaknesses of both the games and help fans decide if they should play the other game if they are playing one.

Since Dauntless is a free to play game so it's a no brainier that Monster Hunter World players should try that out too. For Dauntless players however, some thinking might be required whether to buy MHW or not. This video is going to answer you questions as we pit dauntless against monster hunter world in a simple fashion.

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