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Monster Hunter: World (PC) | Kulve Taroth Kjarr Weapons Reveal Yourselves! (Part 203)

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Добавлено от Admin В Dragon hunter обзор
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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 'Twas by Design stream! I am your host Chris, and as always, I've got myself... A Brew! We stream high quality 1080p content 7 hours a day, what more do you want?


Call to action, here are the latest stream & channel goals for us to attain:

1) 300 followers on Facebook
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4) 15 concurrent subs on Twitch
5) Live-stream with 300 views total
6) 15 likes on a Facebook stream
7) 45 likes on a YouTube stream
8) HR 999 in MHW
9) 10 shares on a YouTube video
10) 50 followers on Twitter

Let's do this! There's no real timeline for these goals, but I know with a little help the channel can achieve them all! Let's do this!

More monster hunting action with Milfadon and Sir Reginald! What foes await us out in the world today? Find out in today's exciting MHW adventure!

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