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Monster Hunter World LIVE

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Welcome to my channel! My name is Acme Arsenal!
Those who know me closest call me Dion!

I am a member of TG+, which is a group of online friends who have came together for have spent many years playing games with each other. This channel is nothing without them and I am truly blessed knowing them.

If you want to meet me or my friends, come to our discord:


Wanna donate? It'll be very appreciative. You can donate in streams or with this link.


My first fighting game experience started with Soul Calibur 4, and then migrated to my first Blazblue game, Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend.
It was there my love for fighting games was born and is where I met every member of TG+.

My YouTube stars as a collection of videos for me and my TG+, just having fun with the games we love to play. Always hilarious, and always loud.

A warning if you are new to our channel. We are loud. VERY EARRAPE-Y. If that doesn't bother you, GREAT!

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