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Monster Hunter World Behemoth LBG Solo Guide (Read Description)

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If HBG is a child's play against behe, and bow is somewhat for the elite only, then LBG is somewhere in between. Even tho the damage is not that much compared to HBG and Bow, still this weapon can kill behemoth in no time (in my case 17 minutes).

You can check the BUILD at the last part of the video, and I consider you using this build or somewhere near this because as I've said, LBG by default doesn't hit that much. So, you need a beefed up build for this to work. I would strongly suggest the use of Taroth Blitz Support as well as your weapon, but any Normal Ammo 2 specialized LBG may work.

Phase 1 -- Use EVADE MANTLE and just try to repel behe to phase 2, but as it is about to be repelled (the cue is when it enrage roar, not enmity roar), consider sleep + rock-fall him so you can deal huge amount of damage and will have the potential to skip/shorten your phase 2. But the real trick here is to be able to pick the dragon pods as early as the end of phase 1 because this will be important when we face him on phase 2.

Phase 2 -- take enmity using the dragon pods and wear temporal mantle. If everything went well (including sleep + rock fall tactic) on your phase 1, it should be repelled to phase 3 before your temporal expires.

Phase 3 -- you may want to poison behe, but this phase will be more on pure dodge and shoot. Make sure you are good enough at dodging his attacks so you can counter-shoot him. Also, take note as it drops another set of dragon pods, but you're NOT going to use it for now. Just keep it. If your evade mantle becomes available, then use it.

Phase 4 -- Start the round by making behe sleep again and bomb it, then chain with paralysis so you can deal some good dps. Hit THE FACE so you can easily take enmity without using the dragon pods. Just fight behe while on enmity and while wearing TEMPORAL MANTLE (temporal should be available by now). When the enmity expires, use your dragon pods to take enmity again so you can prevent it from casting tornado. Do this and you should be able to finish the run.

Tip: Be adaptive at all times. Sometimes shit happens, so bear with it and just analyze your run then on so you could finish it. Consider practicing the jump too, as it will be handy in your fight.

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