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Monster Hunter World - 4K DLSS Performance Test - i9 9900K & RTX 2080 Ti

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Добавлено от Admin В Dragon hunter обзор
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I'm going to get two types of comments down below.
1st will be how bad I suck at this game.
And 2nd will be that when using DLSS the game isn't rendering at 4K.

Both of which are true but check out my old video and compare it to this and trust me you won't see much difference - https://youtu.be/xb71JohGOTg

For this video however I have gone to the slightly more demanding map so whilst in the forest section framerates are around the 80's and 90's once you get to the beach area it gets well above 100 which is very rare for this game unless you drop the resolution down to 1440p.

Personally I think this looks great but unfortunately there will always be someone who disagrees

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