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How to beat Nergigante Monster Hunter World walkthrough #29 - Nergigante MHW

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Now that you’ve found its tracks, we take you through how to beat Nergigante, the Elder Dragon eating MHW Elder Dragon. It’s a big beast with two huge horns on its head and dangerous regenerating spikes all over its body. It’s big dive bomb move can take you out in one if you don’t have the right armor defence, so you’ll need to get out of the way of that as much as possible. Our 29th Monster Hunter World walkthrough video will show you how to keep rolling, get into good positions and do enough damage to defeat Nergigante without fainting.

You can also check out our Nergigante gem, horn and tail tips at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b37YBfRC9_E.

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