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Guild Wars 2 - Power Warrior - FUN BUILD

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Sup guys !!!

My first fun build video with the core power warrior!
Why I choose the warrior for that? Because of course it's the most viable profession to play different types & variants of builds.

This warrior build is the sword+shield & greatsword power warrior.
The build has the highest mobility you can get on the warrior but also is one of the squishiest builds you can play.

The build is all about landing your sword 3 on CC'd players.
The other main focus is to land your attacks + grant yourself might to keep your HP up. With your high mobility you can also kite pretty good but can be caught also pretty hard on CC chains without much sustain to that. The timing matters on your shield 4 and bulls charge so try to use those CC's after you are sure the enemy won't be able to dodge otherwise your build is getting weak pretty fast.
The build gives you also the 12 seconds of unblockable attacks allowing you to land your CC's and sword 3 even on blocking enemies. Keep also in mind that you have a 50% higher crit chance on any kind of CC'd foes this includes CC's from your allies as well.

Against what should you play this? Well first for fun most of the time and the second is against melee normal DPS comps. As you see on the video you lack on condition cleanse but are therefore pretty strong with the unblockable attacks on dodge or with signet of might. Your normal dmg output is also pretty high specially if you don't get your might stacks removed you can hit pretty hard.
With sword you have also the sword 2 leap which allows also for great plays to either catch fleeing enemies + cripple them or to reatreat from combat. On certain maps sword 2 allows you to reach certain spots and increase therefore your survivability on high terrain maps like battle of khylo or eternal coliseum.

The BUILD (shown in the video):

Thx all for watching hope you enjoyed it !

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