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Gon vs Hisoka「AMV」 XXXTENTACION - Hope (Hunter x Hunter AMV)

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Добавлено от Admin В Dragon hunter обзор
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This is the Gon vs Hisoka AMV. From Hunter x Hunter. I am using the song Hope by XXXTENTACION. More spicifically this is a $ohji remix; which is a great XXXTENTACION hope remix. This is some of the best anime moments and the best anime fights of all time. Please give me some feedback on this AMV and tell me what anime I should do next. Any other songs you want me to do? Please watch hunter x hunter if you have not already; especially because you just watched one of the best moments from hunter x hunter. Also leave a like on this AMV and subscribe because it helps the channel out tremendously. Lastly what other anime related content do you want me to do that is not just AMV or should I only make AMV's. BTW I personally like a lot of XXXTENTACION's music which is why I use it so much; but which other songs do you want me to use in the future. This was a Hunter x Hunter AMV of Hisoka vs Gon and I hope you guys liked it.
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