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Gears 5, Monster Hunter Review Round-Ups - Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.04.19

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Gary Whitta and Greg talk about the Gears 5 and Monster Hunter: Iceborne reviews, Overwatch coming to Switch, and more!

Time Stamps -
00:05:18 - Housekeeping
Party Mode on Patreon.com/kindafunnygames - Ultimate Chicken Horse with Chloe and Cam.
Nintendo Direct live reacts today at 3 p.m. It’ll be on youtube.com/kindafunnygames later.
I’m on the 200th episode of My Xbox and Me. Get it wherever you get your podcasts.
Fran and I are hosting the Borderlands 3 launch party Friday night in Dallas - you can catch it live on twitch.tv/kindafunnygames
Thank you to our Patreon Producers:
Black Jack
Mohammed Mohammed
The Roper Report -
00:07:25 - REVIEWS!
00:18:02 - Overwatch is coming to Switch next month, Jason @ Kotaku
00:23:12 - Cyberpunk 2077’s MP Plans
00:26:26 - Ubisoft’s got a new VR team, Peter Graham @ VR Focus
00:33:10 - Out today
00:46:28 - THIRDLOVE
00:53:10 - RAYCON
Reader mail -
00:42:02 - GamePassed! - CapnMikeM
00:48:56 - With the speculation Nintendo will add SNES games to Nintendo Online, do you think they will add them to the service for free or charge extra for them by either a higher monthly/yearly fee or maybe a $10-$20 app you buy once and they just add games to it month over month for free? - Lynkar6469
00:50:55 - All Stars Battle Royal 2 is in the works? - Dapper Stephen With a PH
00:53:39 - I wanna give a shoutout to Borden - The Nano Biologist
00:55:39 - Squad Up: LegendOfKanto(Xbox One) masterlinkace
00:57:00 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Imran Khan and Suriel Vazquez

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