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Elder Dragon Challenge complete ~analysis [Full] | Monster Hunter: World™

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All Elder Dragons have been beaten solo for the most part. I will now review how all this was possible to achieve through 1 year.
Don't skip this video. If you aren't interested, DON'T watch. Period. This overall personal analysis isn't short for a reason as it covers the end results of a year-long competitive hunting project across the Monster Hunter online community. Not just to address past and current hunting elitists, but to put it out there what I do so it's not assumed constantly. Thank you.
[May 2018 - June 2019]
All of this mainly with an Insect Glaive. Supreme greatness was achieved finally in what I sought from this game. each section is listed below for the fastest time achieved against all 10 Elder Dragons at this time.

Elder Dragon Finish time(s) {* = non-Insect Glaive}
Zorah Magdaros - 21'14
Xeno'jiva - 18'39
Nergigante - 6'51
Kushala Doara - 13'14
Teostra - 13'26
Lunastra - 15'10
Kulve Taroth - 12'55
Behemoth - 21'12
*Vaal Hazak - 11'06
*Kirin - 14'20 [16'46 w/ Insect Glaive]

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