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Dragon Star Varnir - "Chapter 6" Walkthrough Part 6 (PS4 Pro, PS4, and Steam) ~ Hard Difficulty

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This is the sixth chapter for Dragon Star Varnir for the North American Version of the game (English) on Hard Difficulty from my Walkthrough of the game. The game is available for PS4 & PS4 Pro. It will be coming to PC / Steam in late 2019. Don't forget to thumbs up, comment and subscribe for more content.

Written Review: https://wp.me/p6cLeO-mb
Video Review: https://youtu.be/sHPYPUkHeH0

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About #DragonStarVarnir

Fight enemies midair in a unique, vertically-oriented battle system. Strategically position your party at different tiers to attack and disable the enemy’s skills, one level at a time!
Perform enough attacks to unleash the dragon within, transforming each character to unlock devastating skills and newfound strength during battle!
Weaken an enemy dragon to devour its element! When the element is pierced into a character, they can absorb that dragon’s skill tree. But at what cost…?
Three witches depend on you to bring them dragon’s blood as food. Starve them, and they go mad. Overfeed them, and they become a dragon!
Will you keep the witches alive, or sacrifice them to obtain ultra rare items and skills? Your choices will change the game’s endings!

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