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DINOSAURS HUNTER 3D 2019 - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO ( Dinosaurs Android Game)

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DINOSAURS HUNTER 3D 2019 - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO ( Dinosaurs Android Game)

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Dear Hunter, here you are invited as the best hunter of carnivores and omnivores, this is a Jurassic jungle where you will face many dinosaurs, dragons and other big animals of both types carnivores and omnivores sometime you need to go deer hunting. It's the best dino hunter simulator game becoming as a deadly claw hunter you have multiple weapons to shoot like carnage bows for deer hunting and other guns, animal hunting snipers, ak47. Steer up with your hunting safari jeep and focus from distance from all deadly animals aim and shoot. Playing this best survival hunter game of 2019 you will forget other balloon hunts, deer hunting, dragon hunting games. Dinosaur killer of 2019 is the title which you have to win as a big hunter by killing a huge number of dinos. As a real hunter you have no other options, here is the only way which does or die. After you die, you will return to the hunting ground or battlefield of war frontline, so you won't be permanently dead in this Best dinosaur hunting game or you can say Survival hunter game. You can avenge yourself by defending from deadly dragons, dino cute pet, and gunshot surviving killer dino with critical damage. Aim and shoot and you gain skills in every level of this dino hunt mission game, that will help you to achieve desirable victory & gold coins.

Get your guns ready and start shooting in this Jurassic hunting game with multiple types of prehistoric dinosaurs, carnivores, omnivores hungry for the prey and ready to attack you. Gun down the prehistoric targets with headshots for bigger rewards become a real hunter and massive gun upgrades with gold coins! Each shooting gun and carnage bow or hunting bow has a higher zoom, reload and shooting time! Check out 2 themes with an exclusive Jurassic night mode only in Safari hunting game & Dino Hunter action 3D game! Remember to watch out for the flying dino in the air like a dragon dino pet.

Avoids Dino deadly shores attack and become the best killer of dinosaurs by using multiple types of guns including snipers of different types which will make you able to hunt Safari Deadly shores Dinosaur into rivers, mountains, and jungle. Hunt dinos in different deadly shores like Africa, India, and many other adventurous country environments.

Experience the thrill of being a real Dinosaur Hunter in the mountains, shores & African desert. Dinosaur hunting is a real thrill and fun for Best dinosaur hunting game. Dinosaurs had ruled the land in the prehistoric as carnivores and omnivores in safari mountains period thousand years before now they are coming again in Jurassic. Dinosaurs were very big creation a thousand years before as deadly carnivores. There were different dinosaurs some of them were deadly killers of other dinosaur and some of them were flying dinosaurs and they are called dragons.


* Multiple selections of guns, sniper and carnage bows
* Realistic safari hunting environment
* Thrilling mountain views and real dinosaur music

Become the best ruthless online dinosaur hunter & mini hero assassin who will lead headshots in each mission. Increase leaderboards rank in this memorable stellar game with a unique feel. Dive into the new gaming experience with hours of not ordinary gameplay.


I'm PlaygamedroidPro(PGDP)! Please Rate, Share and Comment too, really want to entertain all of you, so tell me what you want!

Thank you guys for watching!!!

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