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DINOSAUR HUNTER - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO ( Risk Studio Android Games)

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DINOSAUR HUNTER - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO ( Risk Studio Android Games)

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If you love animal hunting then enjoy this dinosaur shooting game. Go on endless jungle adventures and hunt down different dinosaurs. Shoot the dinos in the jungle, desert, and snowy fields to save other animals. Use different sniper guns and complete multiple missions. Strive for your survival while you are out in the snowy environment. Become the huntsman and hunt down the carnivores.

Become a dinosaur shooter hunter in the jurassic dino games. Do sniper hunting and FPS shooting with the assault rifle. Start the gun war against carnivore dinos. Shoot the Trex dinosaurs and become an animal hunter. Go on Jurassic adventure and face the dangerous species. Explore the safari jungle and take a sniper shot at the real dinosaurs. Complete different Jurassic missions by becoming an epic sniper hunter. There are different environments in this dino hunter game. There is a dark forest filled with superhero dinosaurs eating other animals alive. The other is a sandy desert in which wild dinosaurs are creating chaos. And there is a special snow land in which safari dinos are hunting the humans. So, suit yourself and go on dino hunt. Become an fps shooter and free dinosaur hunter with furious snipers. Participate in 3d challenges and play hunting dinosaur games. Experience free dino hunting 2018 in the different battlefields. The futuristic dinosaurs are wandering everywhere to prey on the weak. They are eating animals like lion, elephants, and tigers alive. They are crushing everything in their path to Jurassic Jungle parks. Be a 3d shooter by using military guns. Experience frontier shooting in the snow land. Start the hunt of Jurassic dinos with advanced weapons and expert Jurassic snipers. Begin gun war in the dino jurassic city for your safari survival. Complete different dinosaur hunter of adventure in the new dinosaur games 2019. You have to escape not only from the hunter dinosaur but also from the wild jungle animals. Take part in wild dino hunting games 3d and fight dinosaurs in this gun game. Do endless sniper shooting in the Jurassic jungle of free world. Enjoy safari hunting in the hot desert and icy hills. Stop dino attacks, go hunt or be hunted. Also do trap shooting and hunt bear and other animals. Play this Trex game and go hunt the different animals.

Become the best dinosaur shooter hunter in the safari jungle. Experience fps shooting in multiple battles with real dinos. Play this dinosaur era game and become an awesome Jurassic shooter. Locate the real dinosaurs through map and find them in the dino city. Shoot the flying dinosaurs in this counter dino strike game. Tap and hold the joystick to move freely. Tap on the switching button to change the shooting weapon. Tap the zoom button for maximum gun scope. Tap the fire button to shoot the Trex dinosaurs. Do target shooting to hunt down the safari dinos. Focus and aim patiently like a claw hunter. Earn money to unlock sniper shooters and advanced technology guns. Take the hunter revenge and protect the wildlife by becoming a dino shooter in this Trex game.

&&& Dinosaur Hunter: Sniper Hunting Games Cool Features &&&
• Deadly Dinosaurs smashing everyone
• Multiple Shooting War Locations in the dinosaur world
• Multiple Levels to play
• Multiple Missions to accomplish with the huntsman
• Modern Shooting Guns for dino hunting
• Different Animal Hunting Games to participate in
• Dinosaur Shoot Competitions for Hunter Championship of 2019


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Thank you guys for watching!!!

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