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Can I get the Dragon hunter dacia? | how much UC required? | Dragon Hunter Dacia | PUBG mobile |

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Welcome to RandomLobby official YouTube Channel

Hello Friends, I will tell you the secret about the brand new Dragon Hunter Dacia and I will also show you how much UC I purchased to get the dragon hunter dacia.

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About Dragon hunter Dacia

The last leak concerning Dacia is the Dragon Hunter Dacia. This skin will arrive in a special crate along with other various weapon skins and outfits in Season 13.

My Id for
Pubg Mobile ~ 5122239420

Mobile Specifications
Redmi note 7 Pro
GB ram
GB Internal Storage
Octa-core Max CPU

Thank You!! I hope you like this video.

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Hello Friends, You must be thinking why I put my channel name as RANDOM. What is it and who is it? I am Pubg Addicted and have been playing for last 6 years. When I started playing my game I found that I need to have a squad. So I started playing with random players through auto-match option. Throughout my game play I found that I got to learn few things which is extremely Important for an individual. What are these? There are two types of game play for playing PUBG one is called rush game play and another is safe game play. Both are different and If you want to play with them, you will need different technique and tactics for both to win the game.
So, while playing with them I learned How I could make patience. Second, I realized how I could be Impatient and made a mistake. I met with various players and I got the opportunity to play with them and learn different things in different situation.
Now, I can reach almost in every season at ACE Level but some called me NOOB while another called me PRO. Still, I don't Know who I am. I may not be maintaining good K/D but can play in every situation whether rush game play as Rushers or Safe game play as Camper. Therefore, I made my own clan in the name of RandomLobby where any one can join this clan to play with me and reach to Ace level to get the Ace Tag. In my videos you can see those tactics and techniques that can help you in both the case. Do subscribe and press the bell icon. Thank You.

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