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Can I be your super hero song(mix dragon )

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Добавлено by Admin В Dragon hunter обзор
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Mix dragon hunter

Original video : ..https://youtu.be/ylVnYh-b3Qg

Lyrics: Like you, be strong, to all the powers of the sun To dream, believe, in strength now I'm the only one, only one I was an ordinary boy Until I broke the rules, my life destroyed, my life destroyed Until I woke awake, scream my mind I shout the ground shakes How much can take? My mind will break Will it break? What can I take? Can I be your superhero? Superhero Can I be your superhero? Superhero, superhero, superhero Fly up, away, it's the first time of today, today To dream, believe, you are the strength, you're all i need, need, need Oh, gonna give it a shot, only one of me, to shoot you off from the enemy Your superhero Your superhero

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