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Best 13✰ Weapons to Farm Right NOW for Each Class (Ep3)

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What are the best 13✰ weapons in the game right now? And where the heck do you farm them? We'll go over 3 options per weapon type, as different weapons are better in different scenarios. From Aura Weapons to Form Weapons, which are the best to go for?

Drop and Weapon Information sourced from ARKS Visiphone:

Special thanks to my Discord members and Phantasy Star Fleet Discord for information on drops also.

☄️ Contents ☄️
00:00 Best 13✰ Weapons in PSO2NA Intro
01:52 Potential Switching
02:38 Weapon Badges & Astracite
03:18 Best 13✰ Gunblades
04:19 Best 13✰ Swords (Hunter)
05:29 Best 13✰ Wired Lances (Hunter)
07:43 Best 13✰ Partisans (Hunter)
08:55 Best 13✰ Twin Daggers (Fighter)
09:55 Best 13✰ Double Sabers (Fighter)
10:54 Best 13✰ Knuckles (Fighter)
12:22 Best 13✰ Katanas (Braver)
13:36 Best 13✰ Soaring Blades (Bouncer)
14:40 Best 13✰ Assault Rifles (Ranger)
16:14 Best 13✰ Launchers (Ranger)
17:11 Best 13✰ Twin Machine Guns / TMGs (Gunner)
17:52 Best 13✰ Bows (Braver)
18:47 Best 13✰ Rods (Force)
19:45 Best 13✰ Talises
20:49 Best 13✰ Wands (Techter / Techer)
21:42 Best 13✰ Jet Boots (Bouncer)
22:37 The Little Harmonizer that Could

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