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Amazon Game Studios NEW WORLD MMORPG | Everything We Know So Far

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With Amazon Game Studios set to release New World, the anticipated massively multiplayer online game. In this video we will discuss the land of Aeternum and it's secrets. Including the release date, beta, and map size. With action combat much to the likes of Dark Souls, New World gameplay looks awesome. And with recent overhauls its probably best to take another look at what we know so far. There have been changes to this mmorpg, like changes to pvp and pve. Territory control and settlements are a major part of New World, alongside skills with its classless system. you the adventurer are tasked with exploring Aeternum and finding the secrets of Azoth. But you wont be alone in this mmo, you will have to fight your way through the Corruption that plagues Aeternum. As well as combat other players for dominance for territory and loot. Amazon game studios New World is looking to be best mmorpg of 2020.

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