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 Altaria / Swanna Deck (NO GOONS!) - PTCGO Gameplay (Champion's Path)
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Altaria / Swanna Deck (NO GOONS!) - PTCGO Gameplay (Champion's Path)

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We try out an anti-meta Altaria deck for the Champion's Path format in some PTCGO games!

The new Champion's Path set gives us another new anti-meta single prize attacker in the form of Altaria. Much like the Decidueye deck from Darkness Ablaze, Altaria walls against Pokemon V and Pokemon GX, but this time it's in the form of a Stage 1 Pokemon rather than a Stage 2.

In order to deal with the various single prize attackers that will surely give the deck an issue, this particular Altaria deck list sees it ditching the Stage 2 backup attacker from the previous DeciGoons deck in favor of Swanna to more consistently set it up and gain extra deck space. Eric goes over the deck list for this Altaria deck, then tries it out on Pokemon TCG Online. Thanks to GlitchXCity for the music.

Altaria Deck List

Bonus Altaria Decks

Deck Profile - 00:00
Altaria VS Sableye V - 06:54
Altaria VS Frosmoth - 19:53
Closing Thoughts - 28:04


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