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All Out Warfare! #4 Hunt Showdown Gameplay

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It's time for some more All Out Warfare here in Hunt Showdown, we will dive into the battle and the chaos that follows!
Find me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/GamingUnum

Our Discord server! https://discord.gg/duXNvXG

Hunt: Showdown is a zombie-like demon possessed infested Wild West-styled world. It is a First Person Shooter (FPS) that involves bounty hunters (like me and my buddy) as duos or solo players, with the goal of killing the boss and banishing it back to helI meanwhile fighting other hunters going for the same bounty as well as fighting tons of zombies and many other malformed monstrosities.

Killing monsters and other bounty hunters will grant experience towards your own hunter's level (from 0 to 50 max), but also your Bloodline, which starts at 1 and can go all the way to level 100 where you can choose to prestige and do it all again.

Getting levels on your hunter gains points for traits or health you have lost, and getting experience for your Bloodline grants you unlocks to many different weapons, tools and consumables as well.

You can be a silent killer, gunsblazing og any combination of these you choose. You can use tactics, spray and pray or simply go with what you feel like when playing, just remember DEATH is PERMANENT for all of your hunters.

The game can be slow-paced or constant intense action gameplay, this can be in PvP (Player versus Player) or PvE (Player versus Environment).

You can engage in any kind of combat, melee, short range, medium range and long range, there is a weapon, tool or consumable for every occation.

You can sign up for a match by matchmaking solo, with a random selection for a partner in a duo or with a friend as well.

Hunt: Showdown is truly, in my opinion, an absolute astonishing game like no other, and though it is in early access it actually doesn't feel like it to me in many ways.

Down below is a link to Hunt: Showdown's own website:

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