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(20/24 Parts Free) The Hunter MAP (OPEN) [Read Description and Pinned Comment!]

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Lyrics (In case you want to add):

The deadline ends at the 26/07/2020.
There won't be any changes due to the deadline it would be appreciated if everyone finishes before 20/07/2020 plus there will be "kicking-outs" if someone doesn't finish their parts at the specific date which they told me.
Please note if you participated in other MAPs already, you won't going to be able to enter this MAP!

It's my first MAP and it's for 1,2k/1,4k (depends how fast I get after a few weeks) subscribers special!
Though thanks for 1k subscribers, I didn't expect to get so many in just a few weeks- This means a lot to me!
This is an anything MAP so you can choose any characters on this MAP if you want you can also pick my character.
Codeword to be accepted: HunterBear
I will "heart" the comments who got the part(s) so you know who's already a part of this MAP.
Any questions or concerns will be (often) answered if you already got a part!

Every part is listed in a folder.
Also, I will send you the folder (where every part is listed) on the comments only if it's necessary.
Please apply the link I gave you for the folder and search for your part there:

That way you surely know when your part begins and ends!


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