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#1505 Williams WHITEWATER and Bally DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Pinball Tips--Twitch HighlightsTNT Amusements

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Did you catch our first live Twitch Stream July 27th? This preview of the show showcases Williams WHITEWATER sold in our Bargain Basement and the buyer himself plays it, Atari PAPERBOY, Jersey Jack DIALED IN, Stern's BLACK KNIGHT 3000 and the enormous setup required to do a live stream. Jillian Haffner aka THE PINBALL PRINCESS on Twitch, who brought her equipment so we could experiment with this new idea for TNT future streams. Jilliams channel is www.LetsPinball.com. Here is part of that live stream we did https://www.twitch.tv/videos/460433360 Make sure you check it out! Then,.another Bargain Basement Bally DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS gets picked up by its new owner. We are planning on another Twitch on Saturday August 10, 2019.
Also LEARN what to clean playfield with and some great tips when working on your pinball machines!
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